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Insurance Company Consulting

In the company environment, both Gary Monnin and Jeff Yeatman serve as Appointed Actuaries for a number of life and health companies. Traditional actuarial consulting, such as product development, financial statement work, and high level financial analyses are performed.

The consulting goes beyond that, however. Gary Monnin finished his company career as the Senior Vice President of a medium sized life insurance company. In this role, he had a direct responsibility for the profitability of all lines of business. He developed an approach to financial analysis on a high level basis which compares the results of the company to the expected results. Based upon this experience, he has consulted with many companies in analyzing their profitability picture.

With regard to health companies, the firm has performed theoretical pricing across all lines of business, re-rating and filing of individual and group health products, reserve calculations, and other financial analyses.

In many cases, Gary Monnin has been operating on a very high level within companies. He has served in the role of "temporary CFO" and "temporary Chief Actuary" in situations where a company had a short term need. He has been invited to Annual Strategic Planning meetings for companies - leading the discussion. Companies have found it helpful to have a third party participate in the discussions where issues may be discussed that may not otherwise have been considered.

Efficiency Consulting

Simply put, you need information. You need things done timely. You need things easily understandable and auditable. Hause Monnin Consulting has satisfied these needs for many clients. This is what makes us different. We can explain things easily and we can improve the process.

Hause Monnin Consulting can increase your efficiency by focusing on the following topics:

Management Information and Consulting
  • “Temporary Staff Assistant” at any level
  • Key Indices Reports
  • Derivation of data

  • Expense Assumptions vs. Target – “Quick Profitability Study”
  • Are you meeting your pricing targets?
  • Is there value added even if you are not?
  • Are you making what you “think” you are?

  • Workpaper Design
  • Are your workpapers designed to be efficient?
  • Can they be easily produced?
  • Can they be easily audited?
  • Are they mechanized where possible?

  • Project List
  • Are projects constantly placed on the backburner?
  • Are you constantly saying “We’ll get to that next year”?
  • Would outsourcing some projects make financial sense?

  • What can Hause Monnin Consulting do to help?
  • Provide high level consulting on the issues
  • Develop and implement efficiency items
  • Produce the reports using Microsoft tools
  • Complete items on your project list
  • GASB 43 and 45

    Complying with GASB 43 and 45 requires health insurance experience and the ability to perform technical present value calculations. Hause Monnin Consulting actuaries have considerable health insurance experience, including extensive consulting with self-insured health plans prior to the publication of GASB 43 and 45. Hause Monnin Consulting has reviewed the GASB material in its draft form and final work, and began working with our governmental clients in 2004 to assist them in the preparation for the reporting of liabilities as a result of GASB 43 and 45.

    Hause Monnin Consulting has performed GASB 45 valuations for numerous cities and counties, including both self-insured and fully insured plans. Many of these clients requested advice on changes to the health and retirement plan designs with the intent to reduce or eliminate the liabilities due to GASB 43 and 45. We worked closely with our clients to design reasonable plan changes, often testing several options to show the effects of the changes to the liability. Many of our clients implemented plan changes after our analysis, with some clients opting to make changes that completely eliminated the liability for future and/or current retirees.

    One of the key areas in GASB 45 is the requirement that true medical costs be prefunded or accrued. Hause Monnin Consulting believes it is appropriate to have the actual experience of the plan influence the choice of assumptions for future true medical cost. Attempts could be made to shortcut this calculation, but Hause Monnin Consulting believes that this is not the appropriate way to handle the situation. This involves actuarial analysis of the plan.

    With our extensive experience in working with health insurance and governmental health plans, Hause Monnin Consulting provides an ideal vehicle for the analysis of liabilities related to GASB 43 and 45.

    Self-Funded Health Plans

    The firm has consulted extensively in the self-funded health plan area.

    The firm has provided a wide range of services based on the goals and requirements of each group, including:

  • Analyze past experience, compare it to expected results and recommend monthly funding targets and reserve levels
  • Analyze and recommend reinsurance levels. The firm performs scenario testing with proprietary stochastic modeling software. This allows us to calculate results assuming a plan has 1000 years of experience, modeled by projecting individual claims.
  • Review benefit design changes and suggest options.
  • Assist in the allocation of revenue requirements

  • Gary Monnin has presented seminars on health reserving to such groups as the Texas Department of Insurance and the Oklahoma Department of Insurance. He has also presented a self-funding seminar to the Texas TPA Association.

    We believe that the self-funded market has not been adequately serviced, in many cases. Many self funded plans rely exclusively on the agent of record, the TPA, or the reinsurance company for funding and benefit plan advice. There has been an absence of a consultant, in many cases, with the solvency of the plan at the forefront of consideration.

    Merger and Acquisition

    The firm has assisted both buyers and sellers in acquisitions of blocks of business and companies. We have performed appraisals, assisted in due diligence?, and assisted in the integration after purchase.

    Regulatory Consulting

    Hause Monnin Consulting has worked with the Texas Department of Insurance and other state insurance departments in a number of ways. The firm has provided actuarial examinations on a contract basis for the insurance departments. Gary Monnin has testified on behalf of the Texas Department of Insurance in the Executive Life Insolvency and Kentucky Central Insolvency. The Conservation Department of the Texas Department of Insurance has contracted with the firm to review certain confidential situations.

    Gary Monnin has presented a number of seminars to the Texas Department of Insurance and the Oklahoma Department of Insurance on items such as health insurance reserving and asset adequacy opinions. Gary Monnin has also presented seminars to the Policy Approval Area of the Texas Department of Insurance on such items as annuities and Synthetic GICs.

    The firm has represented the states of Texas and Massachusetts in their review of illustration lawsuit settlements.

    Guaranty Associations

    The firm has worked with a number of guaranty associations and with NOLHGA in handling insolvency situations. The firm has marketed blocks of business on behalf of the associations as a result of insolvencies. The firm has also developed a series of policies to be utilized by the Texas Department of Insurance as replacement coverage.

    Gary Monnin has also assisted the Texas Life and Health Guaranty Association in its position related to certain technical issues on the Executive Life insolvency.

    Litigation Consulting

    Gary Monnin has been an expert witness in a number of cases related to various issues in the life and health area. He has also served as the "umpire" on a mediation panel.